It's Hayai's 4th Birthday...

...and there have been a load of changes.

Other than a few minor improvements to our websites (especially for mobile), of course.

I've been listening to you - subscribers, prospects and others alike - and I finally decided we should take the plunge and make a few changes.

Here's a rundown:

  1. We have got rid of speed tiers on Residential and Small Business plans - effective immediately, you can only order services delivered at wire-speed (100mbit/s on WTTB/FTTB/Hayai Plus, 1gbit/s on Hayai Plus 1000, and any one of 100mbit/s, 1gbit/s or 10gbit/s on FTTH). Existing subscribers will be grandfathered in for up to 12 months or for the remainder of their term contract.
  2. We have introduced a true-blue "All You Can Eat" plan. No more "fair-usage" policies or any of that nonsense BUT we do stress that "all you can eat" means "all *you* can eat (meaning your household), not all you, your friends, neighbours, extended family and everyone you know can eat! In that respect, it's a bit like a buffet restaurant.
  3. We've got rid of usage-based plans for medium and large businesses. Why? Simply, they were unpopular and, frankly, unnecessary. These have now been replaced with 95th percentile billing - the lines are open (wire-speed) and you can transfer as much data as you want, but your utilization is calculated according to how much bandwidth you're using most of the time - your traffic might peak at 95mbit/s but might average 35mbit/s, in which case, you'll only pay for 35mbit/s - our FAQ has more..
  4. It looks like we're keeping the Hayai Zone but it's going to be treated equally with other traffic (so no more zero-rating - as mentioned in my previous post, all this means really is that subscribers will have to buy more data).

So why are there 3 "wire speed" options for FTTH/FTTP? Simple: hardware.

Ethernet/Fiber equipment typically comes in 100mbit/s or 1gbit/s configurations, but now 10gbit/s equipment has reached a price point that it's actually feasible for us to start offering 10gbit/s services to the public. Don't expect anything like that between you and any specific point on the public Internet, though, mainly because most points on the public Internet can't handle 10gbit/s end to end BUT, what 10gbit/s does allow is for subscribers to have more than enough capacity to do anything they want, even if that means they've got multiple machines working simultaneously.

So, when you take an FTTH/FTTP plan from us, we'll give you a Fiber box with either 100mbit/s, 1gbit/s or 10gbit/s depending on *your* equipment/network/configuration (since there's no point giving you a 10 gigabit or 1 gigabit router if your network interfaces are all 100mbit/s). Which model we give you will be determined when the installers come to ascertain where and how we'll be installing your services and of course, you can trade up later, if needed.

Last but not least, what you're all waiting for:


Unfortunately, I don't have a timeframe for getting in to other cities - that I'm willing to reveal, anyway - it is, in part, a money thing (it takes more than a few lakh rupees and the willingness of one, if you get my drift). Currently, we invest almost all of the profits back in to the company so as to be able to make our services as good as they can be, BUT we are looking for more so that we can get our plans underway to expand in to other regions -- if you happen to know anybody (venture capitalists, angels, etc), tell them to get in touch. There are a number of parties in various regions interested in franchises, so as we ended up doing in Mumbai, we will likely be taking them on to help us get our foot in the door in their respective areas.

As for the waiting list? Truely the bain of my existence. In some ways, it relates to the previous answer but mostly it's because more often than not, getting more bandwidth deployed by some of the larger providers is an excruitiatingly slow process - and by the time they deploy what we asked for, we've already asked for more because the demand just keeps on growing.

The good news, though, is that myself and the team will be spending most of the coming months working on both of these issues: we're looking for additional capital (angel, venture or share capital) to allow us to expand to other regions and build or acquire more infrastructure or form joint-ventures in areas we already serve, in order to help us serve them better.

When we're not working on raising the hundreds of crores we're looking for, we'll also be looking to find better ways to tackle this waiting list thing over the coming months using the resources we already have. I am aware that in many cases it is a time-period of several months between the subscriber ordering service and actually receiving anything, and I'm not very happy about it, but, if nothing else, I am anticipating that the new plans will give us the ability to plan our procurements more effectively as well.

So that's the short version of what we're doing and what will be going on over the next few months!

As always, I look forward to seeing your reactions, receiving your feedback, and talking more about what else we can do to be number 1 - whether you're a subscriber, prospect or simply an interested party (and who knows, I may or may not take your ideas in to consideration, depending on what I feel is good for the company!)


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