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Interesting developments about the Internet, Hayai and the past.

I write this post from - of all places - the USA.

I've been reflecting upon things I've said, and I couldn't help but wonder about all the stuff that went down between the guys at (Rudra Deep Biswas, Anurag Bhatia and Tarun P.K.) and how I felt they picked-and-chose snippets of things I've said - much like people do when they quote the US president - they make it seem like he says one thing one day, and the opposite thing on the next day, when in reality there have been months or years between the two comments. >>

The new coverage areas in Mumbai (STL)

A couple of months ago, you might remember we went looking for feedback on plans in some areas of Mumbai. If you don't remember, here's the post.

Anyway, despite being unable to give the exact same pricing we do in other parts of the city (not for lack of trying), I think we've managed to come up with something that's still OK.

Hayai New Zealand

Some people have been wondering what became of Hayai New Zealand.

In 2010, I thought about bringing better broadband to the country and started talking up the idea (which was a mistake, in retrospect - I was shot down pretty quickly) and to make things more interesting, as it turns out, the government was ahead of me on that one anyway.