mgcarley's blog IP addresses for India

These are the IP addresses for all of the servers in India as of today (April 3, 2015), including the Location, Organization & AS Number. Why do I maintain this list?

The TRAI now has a forum. Which doesn't work.

I haven't really had anything to share of late about, well, anything (and anything I do want to get off my chest, I pretty much can't due to the legal situations surrounding the information).

An open letter to Ookla with regards to Vodafone India's hosting of servers

To whom it may concern,

I write today to petition that Vodafone India be removed as your Speedtest partner from Mumbai, Delhi and Chennai.

I'm running an ISP here in India as well as casually supporting people on other providers, helping them diagnose problems with their Internet connections and generally contributing to the discussions on local forums.


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