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Fibernet. Where else do I post this?

Following on from what is (as of this writing) <a href="">27 pages of banter</a> between myself and someone calling themselves "fibernet" on IBF, they contacted me and asked if I'd like to have a chat on IRC.

IRC, I thought. Seems a bit old fashioned, but it's always good to scrubs the rust off some of the old school knowledge, so I fired up my IRC client and had a wee chat.

The defamation has started again...

(Updated 5 July, 2011)

It seems some other idiot is out to try and defame me again (see the previous post

All I can say is: what a cockhead.

If anyone has a problem with what I'm doing or wants to say bad things to me or whatever, don't go screwing around on random forums and yahoo answers and all that - man up and do it to my face.

Broadband World Conference (Asia) 2011 - Kuala Lumpur & UFB

I know I'm a bit late writing about it, but, the Broadband World Conference (Asia) 2011 went extremely well. I was very pleased to meet everyone, pleased with the way my panel discussion went and pleased with the overall results.

A lot happened while I was away - both in NZ and India. As I wrote earlier, India was generally successful, and we now have an anticipated launch date.


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