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It's been an interesting month

Well well. What a month.

The good has mostly outweighed the bad. Results of the meetings, talking with directors and signing new ones on, infrastructure, financing etc were great.

Most of the meetings with potential customers were great.

Some skepticism has disappeared, but perhaps an equal amount has appeared which is being fended off in various forums: people seem to be nitpicking at things I said over a year ago versus what is happening today. THINGS CHANGE, PEOPLE.

The Hayai Fraud/Scam thing

You know what?

I'm getting really bloody sick of people going around accusing me directly or indirectly or Hayai itself of being a fraudulent company.

It's. Just. Not.


We're registered and licensed in both countries, and sure, we've been a long time in launching, but we've never taken any money from anyone and then failed to deliver the service, so... how could be possibly be fraudulent?