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Mathew's whirlwind tour of India - April/May 2011: Meet & greet

Hey all,

Since a few people have been asking for a "meet and greet" on this tour, I thought I should post the dates that I'm anticipating to be in various cities, and from there we can organize some little event.

8 April: Arrival in India
[Plan to be largely unavailable during the weekend of 8th to 11th while I catch up with friends, family and my co-directors]
12 April: Hyderabad - CONFIRMED - early evening (5.30 to 7.30pm), Cafe Coffee Day, Hyderguda Road, near old MLA headquarters, Hyderabad.

EXPIN: An alternative to NIXI

During the past few months in setting up Hayai, it’s also been made terribly clear about one thing that could help the Broadband situation in India.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: NIXI either has to change, or it has to go.

NIXI is supposed to be a non-profit organization (that part I believe), however it allows ISPs to essentially charge each other tariffs of Rs25 per GB. At 1gbit/s, with an in:out ratio of 3:1 and utilization of 80% or so, this comes out to a total monthly bill of Rs44 lakh, or about Rs17/GB.

The most hated thing about Indian Broadband

…is not strictly limited to India.

Yes, you heard me. India is not the only country with FUPs – check some ISPs abroad. I dare you.

While I support the move to increase the lower-limit to 2mbit/s, the reason for the ISP’s opposition to this is obvious: the financial implications are huge. BUT SPEED DOESN’T COST: Gigabytes do.