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TelstraClear - A followup (and a happy ending)

<em>After this correspondence, an NDA was required. I don't think I've got to the point of signing and scanning that yet - I really should (If @TelstraClear from Twitter reads this, I haven't forgotten about getting this started - been busy busy, you know!)</em>

<hr />Hi Mark,

Not to worry. It happens. So, let's try this again!

TelstraClear - Don't abuse your (potential) customers. It's bad for business.

Along with starting Hayai Broadband in India, I'm considering the possibility of starting Hayai Broadband in New Zealand - probably using different technologies for the simple reason of feasibility (only the major centres have enough population density to really consider fiber, but that depends on the costs of digging).

So when the idea came for launching the respective services almost simultaneously in 2 countries, I thought I should contact one of the big telcos to inquire about obtaining capacity and services and whatnot.

Patents,Trademarks and Domains

I've had a couple of questions from people on Twitter about the domain. Put simply, "Hayai" is a working name for this project - it's not final, however, we still needed a name to use to collect the information we need (so we can start our services sooner!) As soon as we get clearance to use the name legally (as it is a dictionary word) and register the company in India, we will register the appropriate domains. We are actively trying to buy from it's current owners (a domain-squatting company in Korea) - just in case the paperwork goes through.