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Over the next five to ten years Hayai will build fiber-to-the-premises infrastructure in India and the USA, and is open to exploring possibilities in Latin America, Central Asia, Africa and the Middle East. In addition to retail prospects, this infrastructure is ideal for use by carriers for high-capacity commercial services including but not limited to deployment of cellular services (4G LTE today, 5G in future) and in select areas of each country, the company will also employ next-generation wireless infrastructure and joint ventures to reach the largest possible audience.

In addition to building it's own infrastructure, Hayai USA is deploying services using "VISP" & open-network models (reselling services utilizing existing infrastructure on a wholesale basis and/or developing services for use on "unbundled" last-mile infrastructure) to increase service footprint without substantial capital expediture. This sales model will - in part - help the company determine where investment in infrastructure might be needed and may lead to acquisition of smaller networks for the purpose of improving certain service areas.

Hayai USA also sells fixed and mobile cellular services on multiple nationwide LTE networks under a white-label model, with the intention of starting it's own MVNO, and is building a reseller network of it's own to that end.

Looking forward, Hayai wishes to adapt one or more of these service models for deployment in additional markets as necessity, regulations, technology and access to infrastructure permits.

Hayai's USPs are multi-faceted:

  • In India, Hayai has developed the right pricing model to cater for the Indian palette, offering high speeds, excellent value for money, simplified billing and superior customer service.
  • In the USA, Hayai wants to be a "no-nonsense provider" by eliminating hidden caveats (taxes and fees), simplifying biling and improving the customer experience (as existing players have extremely poor reputations, with the two largest cable companies having the #1 and #2 spots for "most hated companies in America" according to polls).

Even though the project’s Total Lifetime Cost is almost $70 billion, Hayai's investment and business model minimizes upfront investments: less than $2.5B is required before we reach the Break Even Point.

At Hayai:

  • We believe in building long lasting relationships with customers and partners
  • We lead the industry in market responsiveness and flexibility.
  • We are unequivocally committed to creating value for all its stakeholders – customers, employees, investors, partners, vendors and the community.

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