Hayai USA

In late 2013, Hayai started building networks in the USA for residential complexes and retail environments, and has developed a professionally managed, turn-key white-label solution which not only offers higher quality, higher speed Internet access to tenants, but results in savings of up to 70% on their monthly phone & Internet bills and offers the ability to add features including surveillance cameras, electronic door locks & guest WiFi.

While Hayai prefers to offer fully-managed solutions, both Hayai's WiFi and Surveillance services offer self-management via hosted cloud applications, with multiple functions available for administrators - whether you need to adjust per-user bandwidth or if you need to download a copy of video feed DVD to submit to authorities and insurance following an incident.

  • If you're an apartment or business complex owner/manager, call (217) 717-9379 or visit Hayai USA today to learn more!
  • If you're a tenant in an apartment complex and you're unhappy with your existing Internet, talk to your landlords about a Hayai solution today!

Hayai USA now offers a myriad of new services including mobile voice, text and data on 3 major nationwide networks and high-speed Internet and Broadband to subscribers of all sizes, complete with our 99% speed promise, 4-hour turnaround SLA and no data caps. Learn more at Hayai USA.