Hayai's History

Hayai was conceived in 2009 when the principal founder arrived in India - the world's leading provider of offshoring services - and found quality, high-speed Internet connectivity didn't exist unless you were a business spending vast sums on leased lines.

After more than 2 years of blood, sweat & tears (research, development & promotion), the founding team gathered in May 2011 to celebrate the founding of the company and finalization of the business plan, while preparations were made and sales platforms developed in preparation for the Diwali 2011 launch of high-speed Broadband services in Mumbai  2011.

Services are delivered through a combination of purpose-built "Fiber to the X" networks, operated both directly by Hayai and franchisees. Hayai is actively preparing to expand to new service areas and our Indian wholesale division is actively seeking out qualified partners interested in franchisee opportunities, peering and resource sharing through partnerships or joint ventures.

Hayai expanded to the USA in 2013 and began constructing small-scale last-mile networks in multi-tenant environments and in 2016 the company launched Internet & Broadband services on DSL, Cable, FTTx and Cellular networks.